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The most renowned Greek cheese, Feta was traditionally made from goat's milk. Our feta is made with cow's milk and has a milder, less salty taste than its Greek cousin. Its soft, crumbly texture and tangy taste makes it the perfect addition to any dish in need of a little zest.


Fresh yet salty and with a slightly tangy taste, Feta cheese is perfect in Greek salads and to enhance the flavours of your favourite Mediterranean meals.

Feta Cubes

Complex and slightly salty flavour, our Feta is perfectly cubed for your convenience. Ready-to-use in your favourite salads!

Feta Light

A ligther take on a classic Greek cheese. Enjoy the same delicious fresh yet tangy taste with 30% less fat.

Feta with Olives

A classic with a twist. Added green and black olives, makes this Feta cheese a delicious addition to many fresh dishes.

Feta with Oregano

Classic Feta cheese with a hint of oregano. It enhances the flavour of your favourite Mediterranean dish.

Feta with Sundried Tomatoes

Sundried tomatoes are carefully mixed into our Feta cheese. Adds an original touch to your fresh dishes.


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