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7 Ways to Reinvigorate Your Extra Ricotta

In Italian, Ricotta means “cooked twice”, but you probably know it best as the creamy-yet-delicate cheese that’s oh-so versatile and as delicious served hot as it is served cold. When it comes to Ricotta, there’s really only one problem—what to do with the extras after you’ve made your lasagna or stuffed pasta. That’s why we’ve come up with delicious solutions to reinvigorate your leftover Ricotta. 

Use it as an appetizer spread for crackers and bread

Toast up some slices of country-style bread, let them cool and cover them with a generous helping of Ricotta di Campagna. Top it off with plum or apricot jam (or a drizzle of honey), sprinkle on some grilled nuts and you’ve got yourself an appetizer. Looking for something lighter? Try a bit of Saputo Lite Ricotta di Campagna on crackers with smoked salmon, a hint of lemon zest and capers. All the more fabulous with white wine! 

Stack it onto your sandwich

In the art of sandwich making, your extra Ricotta is that perfect ingredient for packing an extra punch. Start with chicken, radish or ham as a base, throw in some fresh herbs, sundried tomatoes, or some pesto and bam!, you have a next-level Ricotta cheese sandwich on your hands. 

Get dippy 

Ricotta cheese has the power to give an airy texture to delicious ingredients so it’s ideal for dips! Use what’s left of your Saputo Lite Ricotta di Campagna, and whatever else you might have lying around, to dream up dips that are as light as a cloud. Example—blend a bit of Ricotta with avocado, herbs and lemon. Or why not roasted peppers, garlic and nuts? Enjoy with fresh veggies or pita chips! You can also think sweet and try something along the lines of this strawberry shortcake dip recipe.

Make pizzas that are easy as pie

On naan, pita or tortilla, a bit of Ricotta di Campagna will work miracles with what you have in the kitchen—cold cuts, zucchini, tomatoes, spinach, arugula, mushrooms—all kinds of toppings will do. Just spread on some Ricotta, then add your favourite topping(s), toss your pizza in the oven for a few minutes, take it out, drizzle some olive oil, add salt and dig in! For a sweet taste, have a dessert pizza! Spread Ricotta, thinly sliced apples, sprinkled with cinnamon and drizzled with honey.

Have it for breakfast

Since it’s so creamy, Ricotta goes fabulously with fruit. Use Ricotta instead of yogurt topped with your favourite fruits, drizzled with maple syrup and sprinkled with nuts or even use it in a smoothie! Ricotta is a good source of protein! 

Elevate your crepe

Your leftover Ricotta and crepes have a date with destiny. For something savoury, whip up your crepe filling using Ricotta, herbs, Parmesan, ham and asparagus. For something sweet, fill your crepe with Ricotta, honey and orange zest, or even Ricotta, cream and chocolate. Or you can use straight-up Ricotta, bananas and maple syrup on American-style pancakes. 

Bring on the texture at dessert

Transform the rest of your Saputo Lite Ricotta di Campagna into sugary treats. Whip up velvety mousses, create doughnuts or make molten cakes. Pair your sublime Ricotta creations with something tart, like lemon, berries or rhubarb!

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