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Hosting Guests Without the Stress

Entertaining for the holidays this year? Our helpful tips and ideas will make your prepping worry-free!

Plan the meal

Three weeks before the party, choose what you’d like to serve. Then, test out the recipes by serving them to your family. You’ll find out what tastes great (or not so great) and adjust your menu accordingly. Note the time it takes to make each recipe, and any steps that can be done ahead of time. Many favourites, like stuffing, gravy, pie and cookies—and even fudge—can be made in advance and kept in the freezer.

Prep your home

In the living room, make space to put down plates, glasses and gifts. Make room for food in the fridge … and everywhere else! Your porch or balcony is a great place to store bottles—but make sure the temperature doesn’t dip too low to avoid freezing.

Get ready to celebrate!

Prepare a selection of cocktails for your guests, as well as one or two mocktails. Alcohol-free drinks allow everyone—including children and expectant mothers—to toast together. If possible, set the table the night before. Be sure to choose a seating plan that will stimulate lively conversation. Make funny place cards, or swap them for unique little gifts with guests’ names on the labels. Creating a festive atmosphere is all in the details!