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Lightly brined oval, bite-size cheeses made from fresh milk. Easy to use and always fresh, bocconcini cheese pairs well with almost any dish.


Soft, mild, 50 g bocconcini balls, ideal sliced on a salad, over a pizza or as an appetizer.

Mini Bocconcini

Fresh, with a pleasant milk taste. The 25 g mini bocconcini are perfect for appetizers or snacks.

Cocktail Bocconcini

These 10.5 g morsels are soft, milky and mild and ready-to-use in your favourite cocktails and finger food.

Pearls Bocconcini

Truly tiny perfection of fresh mozzarella cheese, these 1.5 g pearls are soft and mild, and are a perfect garnish to your salads or pasta dishes.

Saputo Lite Cocktail Bocconcini

A lighter take on a favourite. These 19.5g lite cocktail bocconcini morsels have the same flavour as the regular bocconcini with 30% less fat. Fresh, milky and ready to toss into your favourite salad.


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