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Sliced cheeses

From mild and stretchy to light and firm, Saputo sliced cheeses add delicious flavours to any sandwich, hamburger or baked dish. They are available in a convenient zip-lock packaging that keeps slices tasting fresh.

Sliced Provolone

Sliced Provolone Cheese

Provolone cheese has a soft, creamy and stretchy texture and its flavour becomes stronger and tangier with age. Delicious as a snacking cheese, it is also perfect to eat at the end of a meal or served in appetizers, main dishes or on a cheese platter. Pre-sliced for your convenience.

Available in 180 g, 500 g

Featured Recipe

Seared Chicken Burgers with Orange Bruschetta

Seared Chicken Burgers with Orange Bruschetta

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Sliced Havarti

Sliced Havarti

A true crowd pleaser. Thanks to its mild flavour and buttery texture, Saputo havarti is delicious hot or cold. Pre-sliced for convenience.