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The Secret to a Successful Risotto

Making risotto is easier than you think! Here are our tips for preparing this classic Italian dish.

1. The right rice 

Use round-grain rice, often called Italian rice. Its plump grains release starch, giving your risotto a creamy texture. Don’t rinse it! You can find Arborio rice in most grocery stores. Other varieties, like Carnaroli, Vialone Nano and Baldo, can be found in specialty shops and some supermarkets.

2. The right liquid

White wine is ideal for deglazing. Alternatively, you can use red wine when making a risotto with bold flavours like blue cheese or chorizo. At the cooking stage, chicken stock always works like a charm. Other options include fish stock for shrimp risotto and vegetable stock for vegetarian recipes.

3. The right method

Gradually incorporate the hot liquid with a wooden spoon. The other ingredients can be added according to their individual cooking times. For example, add squash before peas. Add Parmesan cheese at the very end.

Photo credit: @modestmarce