In 1950, master cheese-maker Giuseppe Saputo and Frank, his eldest son, left their small village of Montelepre, close to Palermo, Sicily, and emigrated to Canada, convinced that this was the ideal country to provide a better future for their family in the wake of the Second World War.  Two years later, Lino Saputo, his brother Luigi and sisters Rosalia, Elina, Maria and Antonina, joined their father and brother in Canada along with their mother, Maria.

As was the case with many immigrants, the Saputo family’s first few years in Canada were difficult. Everyone had to do their part to put food on the table. After a few years spent in Montreal, Lino Saputo convinced his father, Giuseppe, to start his own business. In September 1954, using $500 to buy some basic equipment and a bicycle for deliveries, the Saputos founded their very own company bearing their name. Through the effort, determination, sacrifices and courage of each member of the family, their company got the initial push it needed to establish itself in Montreal’s Italian community.

Today, Saputo still prides itself on the dedicated craftsmanship of its expert cheese-makers. They continue the Saputo family tradition of creating cheeses of unparalleled quality and taste.

You can taste their passion and know-how in every bite of Saputo cheese.

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